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Generator Repairs in Vermont

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When your home generator begins to malfunction, critical systems in your building or home can’t be relied on in an emergency. Unfortunately, you may be discovering that your redundancy system is not operating as expected right when you need it the most. The generator that you expected to kick in during a power failure is providing no power and important components of your comfort or livelihood could be put at stake. When you need emergency generator repairs from the experts in Vermont, our team at Reliant Electric Works is ready to help.

Let us make sure that you can count on your generator when you need it most. Call Reliant Electric Works for any needed gas generator repairs in Vermont.

The complex machinery on a generator requires consistent maintenance like any other powerful piece of equipment. Generator breakdowns or malfunctions can often be prevented through the right care and attention.

Your Generator May Require Repair If:

  • Engine will not start: Your carburetor may need to be cleaned or your fuel line may be leaking or clogged. You should also check the spark plug in case it needs to be replaced.
  • Carburetor leaks: You may have broken seals on your plugs or gaskets.
  • Engine does not idle: Sometimes the idle screws just need adjustment. Other times plates are bent, the governor linkage needs adjustment, or the diaphragm may be broken.

Why Does My Generator Keep Shutting Off?

There are a couple reasons why your generator keeps shutting off. One being that the carburetor is obstructed or clogged by old fuel. Other possible causes of this problem can include low water levels, a damaged spark plug, issues with the fuel tank and pipes, oil levels that are off, a lack of fuel, or a general overworking of the generator. Additionally, problems with the wiring or other electrical components, battery or engine can result in a generator turning off unexpectedly. Having a professional generator service expert come evaluate the system and provide a repair is crucial, as neglecting a repair can lead to further problems and more damage to the generator.

Emergency Repairs Available for Diesel, Propane, & Gas Generators

If you need emergency service, give us a call. We are locals ourselves and want to know that our neighbors are prepared in the event of a power emergency. You can depend on our Vermont gas generator repair technicians even in a snowstorm. On top of that, we can handle any warranty issues on your behalf with a big manufacturer like Generac.

Our Technicians Know Your Generator

Since 1982, our family owned and operated generator repair service has provided installation, repair, and maintenance services throughout the area. With nearly 1000 successful residential installs, we know how a well-performing generator ticks. In addition, we know the ins and outs of every type of generator on the market. When we arrive for your service call, our certified Vermont gas generator repair technicians can quickly find the source of the problem to get your repairs done fast and efficiently. We take pride in being able to offer residents outstanding generator repair and electrical services at prices you can afford.

We Can Perform Rapid Assessments & Services Including:

  • Liquid propane generator repairs
  • Natural gas generator repairs
  • Liquid cooled diesel generator repairs
Do you need emergency repairs on your generator unit? Contact Reliant Electric Works now to handle your generator repairs in Vermont.

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