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Generator Maintenance In Vermont

We Maintain Your Systems To Ensure Performance

Your standby generator system is the only thing standing between you and total power outage in the event of an emergency. A storm or equipment failure can significantly impact your home if the generator that you depend on is not well maintained. While many systems operate off your natural gas lines and do not require refueling, inspections and maintenance should be performed periodically to avoid the need for costly repairs at the worst possible time. At Reliant Electric Works, our Vermont electricians are factory trained and certified to ensure your system runs when you need it most.

If you have a generator but no maintenance plan yet, call us to set one up at (802) 863-5513.

Benefits Of Preventative Generator Maintenance

  • Running the generator for a short period of time to charge the battery that handles the electric starter. The process varies by manufacturer recommendation.
  • Inspection of wiring and cords for wear.
  • Ensuring that fuel reserves within the tank are optimal to avoid damage to the unit.
  • Assessing and supplying proper oil levels.
  • Replacing factory filters as needed.
  • Replacing degraded or worn out parts and components.

Does Your Generator Really Need Proper Maintenance?

Your investment in a standby generator is a great one. Properly maintained, a typical generator can sometimes live for up to 30,000 hours. Granted that on a good year, your generator will only see a fraction of that use and with bare minimum preventative running and no outages, your system should last for 30 years. However, there is little guarantee that any mechanical device will operate as expected without regular inspections performed at factory standards. Customers of our Generator Maintenance Program enjoy a greater degree of comfort knowing that their system is regularly checked up and prepared for an emergency.

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