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Reliant Electric Works

Reliant Electric Works offers Electrical Maintenance and Standby Automatic Generators in Vermont.

Our company is a small family electrical contracting company started in 1982 by my wife and myself. We have consistently employed about 6 people and have worked on commercial and residential projects within 40 miles of our So. Burlington location.

We provide design-build electrical installations for small to medium commercial and residential projects, typically under $50,000. Additionally, we specialize in prompt service work, such as repairs or maintenance. In the past 10 years, our standby power generator business has exceeded 60% of our entire business revenue. Our brands include Kohler and Generac, and we have 2 factory trained technicians on staff, along with a complete inventory of service parts.

An electrician must be organized, code knowledgeable, able to trouble shoot unusual situations, be responsible, honest, and physically able to handle the demands of the job. Experience is a must to be well rounded in the trade.
Although a non-licensed electrician may, in fact, be very capable, the state license provides a level of commitment and recognized training and testing that is reassuring to a consumer. Insurance is simple financial security and should be mandatory.

I feel that with any skill, such as attorneys or MD's, it is good to have broad knowledge for a service electrician specifically (like a family doctor), but it is appropriate to have one focus or specialty for specific complex work such as solar power, or generator repair.

Usually, you get what you pay for regarding experience. I have found that in determining compensation for an electrician, the productivity determines much of the wage in construction work. However, with service work, organizational and people skills are most valued. Consider this: it may well be a better bargain to hire a skilled and fast electrician at $80.00 per hour than a less productive electrician at $50.00 per hour for your project.

Working with a craftsman whom you can trust and comfortably talk with is key. There are many skilled tradesmen on large construction projects who do not communicate properly or could be less than honest in your own home or business. If something does not go quite right, can you contact the company and ask to talk to the tech and resolve the problem quickly? This is a comfort level that consumers appreciate.

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We personally take calls during regular business hours, and if we are already talking with customers, leave a message and we will definitely call you back. If it is a technical question, one of our techs or electricians will call you.