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Save Your Electronics with TVSS - Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors

Home Theater System

A transient voltage surge suppressor, or TVSS, is a damage control device that limits surge voltages and currents on electrical circuits. These over-voltages can come from inside a building or may be introduced from outside into an electrical system. Discharges originate from stored energy such as air conditioners, motors, capacitors, power line switches, lightning, arc welders, or furnace igniters.

The destructive forces will do damage if the component (such as a DVD player) cannot withstand that voltage, and the damage can be cumulative if repeated. The TVSS device should be connected to all points where the damage can enter, such as the main service panel, the cable TV and telephone incoming lines, and near sensitive electronic equipment.

The TVSS limits the voltage to an acceptable level and absorbs or diverts the energy present in the surge. Higher quality TVSS devices use “sine wave tracking” MOV electronics to wrap the 60-hertz sine wave within an envelope to keep surges clamped within specs at any phase angle.

As with most equipment, it is worth spending somewhat more for the better devices that can bring peace of mind, particularly with all of the circuit boards and electronics in the average home or business today.